Pirates of Zebulon

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The Pirates of the Burning Claw, better known simply as the Pirates of Zebulon, operated out of several ancient alien temples on the jungle world of Zebulon Prime. They were led by the pirate lord Ral Duris, and his Sith advisor known as The Dark Lady Aldera. The pirates operated a fleet of a least three ships, including the Grey Lurker, the Death Dream, and the Obsidian Phoenix. They also had a handful of starfighters that flew in tandem with their larger vessels.


For years the Pirates of Zebulon preyed on the shipping lanes surrounding the Vargis Tau System. Many attempts were made to locate their base of operations, but the untamed jungles of Zebulon Prime made it a seemingly impossible task. It wasn't until they began to interfere in the affairs of the Unified Force Academy that the pirates luck changed.