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Gender/Species: Droid (5th-degree)
Homeworld: Zebulon Beta
Class/Level: Nonheroic 1
Role: A power droid owned by Binary Transports, Inc.

After their mission to recover parts from the Starworm, the crew of Binary Transports, Inc. decided it would be very helpful to have a power droid around. They finally got their chance while fighting Qurran mercenaries on Maltern’s Folly. The mercenaries brought the droid with them to take over an underwater base. Unfortunately they didn't realize it wasn't water tight. The saltwater got into the droids parts and caused it to cease up. Binary Transports recovered the power droid and Zulen Tek fixed it up, thus they added another droid to the corporate rosters.

PE-73 is a EG-6 Series power droid, now slightly "upgraded" by Zulen.


See page 148 of Threats of the Galaxy.