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Gender/Species: MaleXexto
Homeworld: Unknown
Class/Level: Scout 1
Role: Scout
Player: Nate

Ozinqas was an accomplished semi-pro pod racer in the Outer Rim before taking up repairing and piloting starships for Binary Transports. He ran afoul of the local Fluggrian crime syndicate when he won the Dug Derby on Malastare, a race he was supposed to throw and come in second (he actually intended to come in second, but the lead racer's pod whom he had yielded to unexpectedly exploded... the Fluggrians were not understanding in the matter). The Besadii clan of Hutts offered to back him against the Fluggrians, but Ozinqas declined, not wanting to get in deeper trouble with even more powerful crime lords, and left the planet on the very next transport, which happened to be destined for Taris.

Stat Block

Skills: n/a