Outer Rim Interludes

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  • Game Date: Six Months Later
  • Real World Date: 9/11/09

The Crawl

Episode 6, Chapter 1:

Outer Rim Interludes The Sith Ascendency operation on Ryloth has been smashed, and Zebian alien research facility at the Spires of Xax has been destroyed. It came at a terrible price however: The Dark Lady Aldera was able to use the facility to form a space/time vortex to travel to the Maelstrom, an even more powerful Zebian facility orbiting a black hole. The Jedi Knight Lornn Varri jumped through the portal after her ... and was lost when the wormhole winked out of existance with the destruction of its power source.

Now their attention turns elsewhere. The Jedi investigator Maddox and JPD-14 are hunting down Sith collaborators on Nar Shaddaa while Quest Fios has returned to the Kel Dor homeworld to contemplate the Force with the Baran Do Sages. Finally, Binary Transport has taken up up Korinth Cloudskimmer of Starrior Expeditions, on his offer for work and are transporting hunting guns and high-end survival gear to Dantooine.

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards

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