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When the Blackrazors first started talking about a Star Wars campaign, all the potential stories that could be told were laid on the table. One of those was to tell stories on both sides of a conflict. The Mandalorian Interlude is the first attempt to tell the story from another perspective.

Unbeknown to the heroes of the Shadows of the Force Campaign the Mandalorians have been preparing for war for some time. However, growing impatient they decide to take matters into their own hands. Caught in the middle is a small clan who is about to be forced into not only a galaxy wide conflict, but also one against their own way of life...

Current Status

In full swing!


The "Heroes" of the Mandalorian Interlude are from Clan Olan. While a relatively small clan, they are still known well known by their Mandalorian brethren for their extensive use of jetpacks. (GM's note: At this point in time jetpacks are not widely utilized.)



  • Verro Vahn - a hand-to-hand fighting specialist. (Jon)

Character Creation

For the Interlude Mandalorians begin at 8th level using a 28 points for ability scores. For equipment they may have the following:

  1. Mandalorian Armor (Either Mando Combat armor or Light armor, Crusader armors and upgrades will become available in game) with one mod, and an SR 10 shield generator
  2. Primary weapon: A regular gun with two upgrades, a set of pistols each with an upgrade, or a special gun with one upgrade
  3. Secondary weapon: with no upgrades
  4. While jetpacks come standard, characters may remove the jetpack in favor of a non-standard piece of equipment (such as a stealth pack, slicer kit, tools, etc.)
  5. Standard adventuring gear (including a standard knife)


It's been 25 years since the Great Sith War, but the Galaxy is still rebuilding from the devastation.




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