Maltern’s Folly!

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  • Real World Date: 2/20/09
  • In-Game Date: 20-21 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 3, Chapter 2:

Maltern’s Folly! Conflict on the water world of Maltern’s Folly! The near-human natives on the planet have reneged on their deal with entrepreneur Lozek Otmorr to allow him and his Quarren allies to mine the Lowlands, an underwater plain filled with metal-rich nodules.

The natives are threatening to destroy Lozek’s equipment and drive his entire expedition back into space. They’ve already attacked several of his Quarren workers, sparking a strike among the sea-dwellers who refuse to work until Otmorr can guarantee their safety.

The Otmorr family, long supporters of the Unified Force Academy, have asked the Jedi to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the stand off. The Jedi have agreed, dispatching the Gand Jedi Master Qillon Kree and a team of padawans on the Aeon Harrier on a diplomatic mission to the world.

Chapter Summary

Danger in the Crabface Nebula!

Lozek Otmorr provides the Jedi with coordinates to Maltern’s Folly, but that doesn’t mean getting there would be easy. Maltern’s Folly lies on the far side of a the Crabface Nebula, a bright and active nebula filled with newborn stars whose gravitational eddies play havoc with stellar navigation.

As luck would have it, a gravitational surge caused by two protostars collapsing into one another knocks the Aeon Harrier out of hyperspace, and into the real world.

Experience & Rewards