Maltern’s Folly

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The water world of Maltern’s Folly is located in the Voulk star system, located in an obscure, out of the way corner of the Outer Rim. Known originally as Vodan – the planet got its name from Dolan Maltern, a gambler and businessman who won the hyperspace coordinates in a game of sabaac just before the start of The Great Sith War. The man he won it from said the world was uninhabited and home to rich metal deposits.

Maltern cashed in all his chips, favors and every other form of credit he could find and headed off to the world, intent on setting up a mining operation that would make him wildly rich. He convinced nearly a thousand people to join him on his quest for riches, promising them each would be made rich a thousand times over.

They arrived to find a water world punctuated with a handful of mountainous jungle islands. They spent years struggling to find the alleged mother lode but hurricanes, earthquakes and other calamities struck them. These disasters ultimately cut the world off from the galaxy at large, which soon forgot about the planet in the wake of war.

There were still the occasional rumors to be sure, and over time, the legend of Maltern’s Folly grew. In the waning years of the Restoration Period one entrepreneur – the Zabrakian entrepreneur Lozek Otmorr – decided to take them seriously.]

He paid a small fortune to the Hyperspace Guild to find the coordinates to the “lost” world, then took his ship The Farthest Horizon to investigate the world. He found the survivors of the original expedition, but more importantly (at least for him) his scientific instruments detected extensive mineral deposits on the ocean floor near Gullwind Island, the largest (and geologically newest) island on the planet.

He made contact with the natives, and negotiated with them to help with construction of a new spaceport. He also arranged to bring in several teams of expert deep sea miners: Quarren from the planet of Mon Calamari. Within months preliminary mine operations had begun, and the resurrected spaceport of Hardrock had attracted perhaps a thousand native settlers eager to experience the long-lost benefits of galactic society.

Not all went well after Second Contact however. The some of the natives are none-too-pleased to see contact restored with the larger galaxy and want to see Lozek thrown off world.

The leader of this faction was none other than Tolvis Maltern grandson of the colony’s founder. He was the island’s spiritual leader, a shaman who piously proclaimed that while his grandfather might have come to the island looking for material riches, what his followers found is something much more valuable: spiritual wealth.

He promoted the Obsidian Way, a philosophy revealed to him by the elemental spirits of Vodan. The Vodan explained that it is only through austerity, and a willingness to push oneself to the absolute breaking point, that true clarity of purpose can be found. He and his followers, which numbered about four hundred, lived in a cliff town known as Uplift in the side of the island’s largest (and apparently dormant) volcano.

Tolvis was defeated by Jedi apprentices of the Unified Force Academy with help from agents of Binary Transports, Inc. after their investigation revealed the Obsidian Way to be a Dark Side cult fueled by an evil spirit dwelling in the "Abyssal Cathedral", a temple located in an obsidian temple located within the Uplift volcano. Further more, it was revealed that Tolvis was working with Quarren hired by Lozek to engineer a violent coup. He was subsequently tried, convicted and imprisoned by the planetary government, and currently dwells in a prison cell in Hardrock, while the Quarren fled the world.


Gullwind Island

The biggest island in the planet's dominent archipelago, Gullwind Island is covered in lush jungle and dominated by three large dormant volcanos. It's home to the majority of the planet's human population, which currently numbers approximately 15,000 individuals. Approximately half of these were born on the world; the rest have immigrated recently as part of Infinite Horizons Inc.'s mining operations. The corporation maintains several large underwater platforms to exploit metal deposits found off the island's coast. The island has two settlements, Hardrock (which contains the planet's only starport) and Uplift (a former Obsidian Way stronghold).


Hardrock was the first settlement on Maltern's Folly and was built on exposed bedrock near the northeastern tip of island. A few hundred of its inhabitants moved to Uplift when Tolvin Maltern found the Abyssal Cathedral in Uplift and founded the Obsidian Way, but the majority stayed in Hardrock and continued to eek out an existence fishing the nearby ocean and farming what little land they were able to clear around the town.

After Second Contact, the town has grown considerably. It's now home to 10,000 people, with 5,000 of these being new citizens brought to the world by Lozek. While there has been some social conflict between the two, Lozek has been generous donations of technology and infrastructure improvements have gone a long way toward smoothing things over. The city has seen extensive new construction, much of it relating to warehouses and refineries for Infinite Horizons Inc.. It's also seen a doubling in size of its starport and the construction of a modern harbor. There is also a small-but-growing contingent of Mon Calamari in the city, who maintain and run the planet's offshore mining platforms.

Hardrock Spaceport
  • Parts Availability: Average. Parts are available for all Licensed vehicles.
  • Docking Bay Security: Average. 20 cr per day; entrances to the docking bay require a DC 15 Mechanics check to bypass. 1d2 attendants (nonheroic 2) are on duty at all times. A security guard armed with a blaster pistol is on duty at night.
  • Refueling Facilities: Poor. Roll 1d20 each day; on a roll of 1-10 fuel is available. When it is available, the cost is 75 credits per kilogram due to high demand.
  • Restocking Facilities: Poor. Roll 1d20 each day; on a roll of 1-10 consumables are available. When tehy are available, the cost is 15 credits per living creature per day due to high demand.
  • Mechanic Availability: Poor. No mechanic is available. For routine maintenance, roll 1d20 each day; on a roll of 1-10 supplies for routine maintenance are unavailable. When they are available, the cost is 300 credits for Colossal starship.

The Hardrock Spaceport has public eight landing bays. Typically 4-5 of these are filled with freighters or shuttles for orbital transport craft involved in the planet's mining operations. There are two public landing bays reserved for private visitors to the planet, as well as two private bays, one for Infinite Horizons, Inc. and another for Binary Transports, Inc.. Being a small spaceport, it doesn't have much in the way of services for non Infinite Horizons or Binary Transports ships; almost all of their fuel and parts are used for official business.


Originally an Obsidian Way stronghold built into the side of a dormant volcano, the community has been transformed in recent years into a resort town. Most of Uplift's inhabitants deserted the establishment, heading to smaller villages scattered around the island or travelling to other islands in the archipelago. Lozek Otmorr took the opportunity to invest in Cliffside (after first making sure that the Abyssal Cathedral was properly sealed off), converting the top-most apartments into luxury apartments with a spectacular view of the ocean. Approximately 100 people vacation here, with another 200 support staff. There is a simple flitter platform used for air shuttles flying back and forth between Uplift and Hardrock.