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The Holocron of Zend is a wiki created by the Blackrazor Guild as a companion to their Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic RPG campaign. It's companion website is Shadows of the Force.


Balanced Recursion Campaign

The Balanced Recursion Campaign is a side-story that follows the quest of the latest ship belonging to Binary Transports, Inc.. Part of BT's "Mercy Fleet" which began to run humanitarian missions during the latter part of the Madalorian Wars. Below is a list of resources for the campaign:


Shadows of the Force is the title of the first Star Wars campaign. Set in the Knights of the Old Republic era, this campaign takes place over 4000 years prior to the movies and is based around the timeline for the video games of the same name. Below is a list of resources for the campaign:

The Mandalorian Interlude

The Mandalorian Interlude is a portion of the Shadows of the Force Campaign dealing specifically with the onset of the Mandolorian Wars. In this arc the players take a break from their normal heroes and take on the role of a Mandalorian.

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