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  • Real World Date: 9/17/10
  • In-Game Date:

The Crawl

THE MANDALORIANS CONTINUE THEIR ASSAULT OF THE OJOSTER SPACESTATION! The fleet has defeated the last of the defenders and now controls space surrounding the station. Inside, the security forces continue to hold against the boarders. Little do they know, Clan Olan has already made it to their destination...

Chapter Summary

Revised Mission

At the medical bay the party secures the area. Surveying the bay, they notice Ferro notices something odd out the window. The Mandalorian fighters seem to be returning to the capital ships. They do not have long to ponder this development when they notice a turbo lift on it's way towards them.

Taking up firing positions, they prepare to defend their position. The turbo lift opens revealing station security guards, and the unmistakable red armor of a Mandalorian Rallymaster. Confused, they hold off their ambush and hear a familiar voice. Ker' Tan' steps out from the security forces and greets Clan Olan.

He informs them that the security guards have chosen to convert to the Mandalorian way. The party is happy with this development, but still confused by the fighters returning to the capital ships. They ask Ker' Tan' who quickly runs to the windows. The party follows, and as they reach the windows they see their fleet jump to hyperspace. Thossal asks if Mandalore the Ultimate is trying to kill Clan Olan, to which Ker' Tan' says no they are simply expendable. He informs them the real reason for the mission wasn't to capture medical supplies, but to test Republic response time. If the fleet left, the Republic has arrived. It's up to the party to find their own way back to the fleet.


This Way to Hyperspace

Experience & Rewards