Koro Lirin

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Lord Koro Lirin is a high-stakes gambler and bounty hunter who specializes in befriending his marks, and then capturing him when their guard is down. He's been known to race his starship, The Pursuit, in high-profile races, such as the Deadender Rally at Ord Mantell. He usually travels with a retinue of droids, most of which he leaves at a safe distance, only calling on them when he needs to take down a mark.

In 3971 BBY he suffered a major setback when he tried to capture the bounty on Trenn “Highlife” Zentine. Although aided by four HK droids, he found he was badly outclassed and outgunned when Highlife's allies -- including several Jedi -- arrived to back him up. He lost all four droids, and was forced to flee the system. He's been licking his wounds and going for softer, easier marks ever since.