Kineska Almara

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Kineska Almara

Gender/Species: Female Human
Homeworld: Coruscant
Class/Level: Jedi 10 / Jedi Master 3
Role: Jedi Investigator

Jedi Master Kineska Almara is a well known Investigator for the Jedi Order. The Jedi of the Unified Force Academy ran into her twice amongst their travels. The first was on Toprawa where they uncovered new clues into the disappearance of the Early Birds to which Master Almara was assigned. The second was on Paquallis III where the jedi were asked to look into the master's disappearance.


Master Almara is a middle aged female, though it's hard to tell just by looking at her. She has aged remarkably well despite all the hardships she has endured. Master Almara's most distinguishing feature is her cybernetic left arm from the elbow down. However most people miss this as she tends to wear gloves to hide it.