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The capital city of Zebulon Beta in the Vargis Tau System, Jolus is home to approximately 25,000 sentients and the planet's primary starport. Notable locations in the city include:

  • Aira’s Holo Parlor: A gambling den built around a single great holo-projector that displays low quality exotica feeds (e.g. holographic Twilek dancers) from the Core.
  • The Durosian Gremlin: A cantina popular with pilots as well as a variety of smugglers, scoundrels, and risktakers who are unlikely to print their job descriptions on a business card. No one in here likes to see anyone asking questions; asking too many questions might be enough to start a melee. It’s certainly enough to summon a bouncer. A Rodian Information Broker named Chido spends most of his days here looking for business.