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Gender/Species: Droid
Homeworld: Zebulon Beta, Vargis Tau System
Class/Level: Soldier 4 / Independent Droid 3 / Droid Commander 2
Role: A combat training droid, and field adviser for the Unified Force Academy
Player: Setanta14

Jedi Practice Droid JPD-14 is a droid built by Jedi Mistress Phaenia as a combat training droid for the Unified Force Academy. Over time JPD has become more self-aware, and was given more duties within the Academy including serving as a field adviser for padawan learners. Eventually, he had become so self-aware that the Academy have given him leave of his duties. He has since set his mission towards hunting down the longtime enemy of the Jedi, the Sith.

At some point during his travels, JPD-14 learned to control other droids. It was at this point that he changed his designation to Jedi Command Droid JCD-14.