Into the Oldrin Depths

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  • Game Date: One Day Later
  • Real World Date: 10/2/09

The Crawl

Episode 6, Chapter 3

Into the Oldrin Depths

Our heroes are on Ord Mantell seeking information about the Ral Duris and his pirate fleet. Highlife has had a run in with Lord Koro Lirin, a thrill-seeking noble eager to enter into the Deadender's Rally. They meet for dinner to discuss the race, but when they do so Highlife suddenly learns that Lirin is actually a bounty hunter who's lured him into a trap. As three HK-series droids raise their blaster rifles at Highlife, his far more suspicious Jedi allies arrive and rescue him from the

They've also encountered the bounty hunter known as Koth, who'd once been hired by Duris to assasinate a collaborator who'd been captured by colonial security on Zebulon Beta. The heroes foiled that attempt, earning the wrath of the pirate lord. He put a price on the Zabrack's head, and after spending six months dodging assasins, he's decided to take the fight to Duris by teaming up with his former opponents.

Koth's offered to give the heroes the location of Ral Duris in exchange for their help ... and they agree. But before they travel to Point Nadir to confront the pirate lord, they want to secure some additional firepower. They arrange a meeting with the snivvian Dakken, who maintains a popular junkyard/starship sales lot on Ord Mantell ... and just might have a job that could yield them their own starfighter.

Chapter Summary

Note: This is a quick summary, needs editing Hardcorhobbs 06:14, 19 January 2011 (PST)

The Adventure was a blast! We found a snivian who runs a used starship business. He had several old starfighters which were in very good shape, but were out of our pricerange. However, he really needed someone to go after some salvage, which turned out to be 6 more old fighters on an abandoned repair facility in the system's asteroid belt.

The repair facility was operational and all of the droid fighters and sentries were active and would fire on anyone getting close. But we managed to 'fly casual' and override their target recognition codes and dock at the base without getting blasted out of space.

Then we scraped some pretty tough security droids, hacked the repair facilities network controllers and made off with our 6 ships. Upon returning to Ord Mantel, we delivered the ships, paid some extra and picked up a very nice 3 person heavy fighter, which will help even the odds against the stooopid pirates.

Plus, we have all of the codes for the 'disabled' base, which is our new secret Batcave, complete with blaster batteries on surrounding asteroids and several droid fighters to protect it.

Experience & Rewards

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