Into the Maelstrom

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  • Game Date: Later that day
  • Real World Date: 8/28/09

The Crawl

Episode 5, Chapter 7:

Into the Maelstrom

Sith researchers have seized control of the Spires of Xax on Ryloth, an ancient Zebian research facility capable of warping time and space.

A band of heroes led by Jedi Knight Lornn Varri arrived at the Spires aboard the sunwalker Infernal Beast. There they confronted the Sith apprentice Infernus and his legion of troopers and droids in the docking bay, ultimately forcing him to retreat deeper into the facility.

As riptides of space/time swirl about them, our heroes must follow and hope against hope that they can defeat the apprentice and his mistress, the Dark Lady Aldera, before the Spires are torn to pieces...

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards

Everyone proceeds to level 6, and gains 4,500 credits. (This condenses the awards for the entire episode)