Interlude on Zebulon

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  • Real World Date: 1/21/2009
  • In-Game Date: 29 Enola-29 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 1, Chapter 7:

Interlude on Zebulon

Chapter Summary

Echoes from the Battle of the Emerald Cliffs are resonating through the Vargis Tau System. With the destruction of his second base on the jungle world of Zebulon Prime led the pirate lord Ral Duris to flee the system, taking his flagship Obsidan Phoenix and his few surviving starfighters with him.

Some claim he’s withdrawn to a shadowport somewhere in the Outer Rim to plot his revenge; others say he’s taken up hunting prey near the Taris System, still others say he’s on Nar Shaddaa recruiting bounty hunters to strike back at those who destroyed his bases and captured two starships.

In Jolus on Zebulon Beta, something resembling calm has returned. The Scarbrothers Gang, culled of its more combative members, is no longer a major threat the peace of the city. Credit for this goes to the padawans of the Unified Force Academy and their friends from the Aeon Harrier, who were responsible for besting the gang in races at the Nighttime Rally and then again in street fights in Jolus itself.

Of the Sith, there have been no sign. Jedi Knight Lornn Varri felt a strong Dark Side presence radiating from the underground Zebian ruins adjacent to the pirate cavern base. He speculates that the presence belonged to the Dark Lady Aldera, the Sith mistress rumored to be allied with Ral Duris, but whether she remains trapped in the ruins or escaped to the surface is unknown.

The strange emerald relic found among one of a Sith student’s belongings at the Emerald Cliffs pirate base has proven to be a perplexing mystery to the masters of the Unified Force Academy on Zebulon.

The gem is expertly carved into a dodecagonal shape, with a complex series of etchings on each face. These lines seem to descend deep within the crystal itself, even though the etchings themselves are only millimeters deep. Tiny flickers of light seem to race along some of these lines when the cube is rotated, while at other times odd shadows fall across the gem’s interior.

The object has a Force resonance that any Force-senstative individual can detect simply by touching it, leading many at the academy to speculate that it is some sort of ancient, alien holocron. How it is activated, and what information it contains, remains a mystery. Jedi Master Queil is directing the study of the object, with the assistance of several knights and a handful of carefully watched padawans.

Meanwhie, Jedi Master Edan Photona is organizing an expedition to Zebulon Prime to investigate the Zebian ruins at Emerald Cliffs. It’s expected that Lornn Varri, one or two other knights, and a number of padawans will be joining him.

Finally, the planetary government took possession of the two captured pirate vessels and will be putting them up for auction in a month’s time, on Selona 28.

The ships are as follows:

   Grey Lurker (Ghtrok 720)
   * No double laser turret, no nav computer, used quality
   * Starting bid: 16,000 credits.
   This is the ship the padawans found in the initial pirate base; it was stripped of many of its valuable components before the planetary militia arrived.
   Death Blossom (578-R)
   * Double laser cannon turret (instead of the standard single laser cannon)
   * Starting bid: 26,000 credits
   This is the ship found at the Emerald Cliffs.

Experience & Rewards