Infinite Regress

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The Infinite Regress is the flagship (actually the only operating ship) of Binary Transport, a freighting and transport company that operates out of Jolus on Zebulon Beta in the Vargis Tau System. Known colloquially among the crew as "the turtle ship" (because of its distinctive turtle-like appearance), the Infinite Regress began life as a pirate vessel operates by the pirate lord Ral Duris. Then known as the Grey Lurker, the ship was badly damaged in a fight with a would-be victim and forced to return to her home base on Zebulon Prime. A number of Jedi padawans from the Unified Force Academy infiltrated this base, leading the way for a colonial militia strike force to capture the base and the ship. The ship was later put up for public auction, at which point Binary Transport bought the vessel and renamed her the Infinite Regress.

The ship's name refers to a theory of the universe which states that the world rests on a giant turtle. When asked what supports the turtle, a proponent of the theory said "it's turtles all the way down".