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[[Category:Binary Transports, Inc.]]
{{Infobox Starship
{{Infobox Starship
|image = Ghtroc720_sotg07.jpg
|image = Ghtroc720_sotg07.jpg

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Ghtroc720 sotg07.jpg

Infinite Regress

Model: Ghtrok 720
Captain: Trenn “Highlife” Zentine
Home Port: Jolus, Zebulon Beta
Owned By: Binary Transports, Inc.

The Infinite Regress is the flagship of Binary Transports, Inc., a freighting and transport company that operates out of Jolus on Zebulon Beta in the Vargis Tau System. Known colloquially among the crew as "the turtle ship" (because of its distinctive turtle-like appearance), the Infinite Regress began life as a pirate vessel operated by the pirate lord Ral Duris and the Pirates of Zebulon. Known then as the Grey Lurker, the ship was badly damaged in a fight with a would-be victim and forced to return to her home base on Zebulon Prime. A number of Jedi padawans from the Unified Force Academy infiltrated this base, leading the way for a colonial militia strike force to capture the base and the ship. The ship was later put up for public auction, at which point Binary Transports bought the vessel and renamed her the Infinite Regress.

The ship's name refers to a theory of the universe which states that the world rests on a giant turtle. When asked what supports the turtle, a proponent of the theory said "it's turtles all the way down".


602px-Ghtroc720 layout.jpg

(Statblock is modified to remove generic pilot)

Infinite Regress Ghtroc 720 Freighter
Colossal Space Transport
Init: -4; Senses: Perception: +0
Defenses: Ref 18 (Flat-footed 12), Fort 25, +12 Armor
HP: 110, DR: 15, SR: 15, Threshold: 75
Speed: Fly 12 squares (max. velocity 750 km/h), fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged: Double light laser cannon (pilot) Atk: +1 (-4 autofire), Dmg: 4d10×2
Double light laser cannon (gunnner) Atk: +1 (-4 autofire), Dmg: 4d10×2
Ion cannon (gunnner) Atk: , Dmg:
Fighting Space: 12 x 12 or 1 Square (starship scale); Cover: Total
Base Attack: +0, Grp: +34
Atk Options: autofire (laser cannons)
Abilities: Str 40, Dex 22, Con –, Int 13
Skills: Initiative -4, Mechanics +0, Perception +0, Pilot -4, Use Computer +0
Crew: 2 (normal); Passengers: 10
Cargo: 135 tons; Consumables: 2 months Carried Craft: None
Hyperdrive: x2 (Backup x15), Hotwire 2000 Navicomputer
Extras: Combat Thrusters, Docking Clamp
Availability: Licensed; Cost: 26,400

  • Pilot mounted weapon is used, because of this it jams on a 1 or 2


  • Combat Thrusters: allow the ship to be considered a starfighter for the purposes of dogfighting.
  • Maneuvering Jets: smaller jets added to the ship to increase maneuverability (+6 DEX; included in the stat block).
  • Zulen upgrades: Zulen Tek has engineered several of the ship's systems to maximize the ship's performance (+2 DEX; included in the stat block).
  • Personalized Controls: The controls have been modified by Highlife to better suit his piloting skills (grants Highlife a +1 to piloting rolls).
  • Hotwire 2000 Navicomputer: BT has mounted an prototype navicomputer built by Galactic Navidesigns into the Regress (grants +2 to hyperspace "hot jumps").


  • Auxiliary Generator: A generator separate from the ship's main engine providing back up power when needed.
  • Docking Clamp: A clam added to the ship so that it can dock with starfighters, particularly those of their Jedi allies.
  • Smuggling Compartments: As the ship used to be a pirate vessel, it had these built in. BT converted one of these into a weapons locker with a high security lock. Note, all weapons are licensed.
  • "Nose Art": The Regress has a painting outside the bridge section of the ship depicting a scantily clothed female Twi'lek. The painting was done by a group of Twi'lek strippers as a thank you for Binary Transports assistance in their rescue. While it's not very professional, its come to be a point of pride to the crew of Binary Transports, so they have chosen to keep it.