Iiluum Saldit

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Iiluum Saldit, Jedi padawan

Once a junior research aboard the Ithorian herdship Dream of the Forest, Iiluum Saldit watched in horror and shame as his elders refused to evacuate the human population of Zebulon Beta in the opening days of the Mandalorian Wars. Meanwhile, a greedy group of Neimodians calling themselves the Assembly engineer the transportation market on Zebulon Beta such that theirs became the only possible means of evacuation. The planetary governor and Republic Navy task force commander refused to intervine, arguing that the Neimodians had not broken the law.

In contrast, he saw one being -- Jedi Knight Quest Fios -- refuse to stand idly by. The knight travelled to nearby Zebulon Prime in hopes of finding an ancient Zebian space-time portal with which to evacuate the refuges. He found the facility, but was was badly injured fighting its lizard guardians. The knight lost his arm in the fight, and barely made it back to his starfighter. He managed to make it to orbit and rendezvous with the evacuation fleet.

Iiluum was moved by the knight's sacrifice and decided to leave his herdship. He travelled to Taris to meet with the recovering Jedi Knight and ask to be taken on as his padawan learner. Quest Fios accepted his new student (his previous padawan, Adon’ar Rha, had graduated to Jedi Knight after the Battle of Ord Brokell).

The Ithorian is a talented healer and naturalist and has a difficult time understanding conflict and battle. He often questions Quest Fios about the proper course of action during engagements, as he's often at a loss as to the best course of action.