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The timeline contained here is based upon the legends of the Knights of the Old Republic, and then heavily modified to suit our own home campaign.


The discovery of Zebulon

The colonization of Zebulon Beta

Discovery of Zend

JPD-14 is created

  • 3996 BBY: The Great Sith War

3976-3960 BBY: The Mandalorian Wars

  • 3976 BBY: Mandalorians Begin Raiding setlements near their home world of Mandalore

Founding of Binary Transports, Inc.

Jedi become knights

  • 3964 BBY: The False Wars begin with the Mandalorians test the Republic forces
  • 3963: Beginning of the Mandalorian Wars (Main Conflict)

Atrocities of Cathar

Founding of the Revinist Movement

Spires of Xax and the subsequent loss of the Jedi Knight Lornn Varri

Reveal of Cathar

Jedi go to war

Quest Fios Leaves the Jedi Order

The Balanced Recursion is commissioned by Binary Transports. (See Tales of the Balanced Recursion)