Trenn “Highlife” Zentine

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Trenn “Highlife” Zentine

Gender/Species: Male Human
Homeworld: Foerost
Class/Level: Noble 7
Role: CEO and Pilot for Binary Transports, Inc.
Player: User:Hardcorhobbs

Highlife is a young human in his late 20's. He walks with a bit of a limp from his bionic left leg, which he lost it at the hip during a fight. He's very confident in everything he does, though he'll avoid a fight if at all possible. His expertise is as a pilot, though his noble upbringing made him good with numbers. He uses both these skills to act as CEO of Binary Transports, Inc., a company he co-founded.

Early Life

Born into the highly respected Republic family, the Zentine’s, Trenn should have had an easy life. Growing with a full view of the shipyards of Foerost, Trenn fell in love with starships at an early age. This stuck with him and instead of settling for any of the “simpler” paths his family would have preferred, he joined the republic academy. Starting out in officer flight training, “Highlife” as he was nicknamed, wanted nothing more than to be a fighter pilot. Unfortunately his family had other ideas, and politically had him re-assigned into Deck Officer Training. Shortly after his re-assignment an incident caused him to wash-out. Highlife won't go into the details, but he was so disgraced that his family disowned him and severed all ties.

Life as a Pilot

Because of his noble upbringing, Highlife only had a limited set of skills. Most of those became useless when his family cut him off, thus the only thing he could fall back on was his academy training. So he become a pilot, taking jobs hauling cargo across the outer rim, preferring to go by his call-sign Highlife.Eventually he was hired onto the Aeon Harrier as a pilot. There he made friends with fellow crewmates Shim’kworr, Zulen Tek, and eventually Baden Rana.

Life as a CEO

The crew often talked of owning their own ship, though Zulen was never too optimistic. However their destiny began to unravel when the Harrier's owner Orax Davkin started taking jobs from the Unitied Jedi Academy. One of these jobs required Highlife to enter a race. With the Force at their side, the crew bet all their savings on this one race. The winnings proved to be more than enough to purchase their own ship, and even allowed them to purchase the Harrier when Davkin retired (despite the fact that he retired because the ship now needed a complete overhaul). So with their newly aquired ship, the Infinite Regress, the crew of the Harrier founded a new company, Binary Transports, Inc.

Life in War

Highlife was putting all his effort into Binary Transports, focusing on growing the business into the six ship transport fleet it is today. To this end he put all his money into the business (specifically into upgrades for the Regress).However as the war came closer to home, this all changed. Highlife is a military man at heart. Since as far back as he could remember he always wanted to serve as a pilot the Republic Navy. That dream was crushed when he was dishonorably discharged after being falsely accused. While there he made many friends and contacts which he still uses today. In the past he used them to grab tidbits of information, or find out where transports were needed most.

Recently, Admiral Jimas Veltraa contacted Highlife. He needed some independent transports to run missions he couldn't devote his fleet to. Not wanting to commit all of Binary Transports resources to these dangerous missions, Highlife ran most of these missions himself. However the crew of BT is both loyal and persuasive. In the end he agreed to let those who wanted to volunteer do so, though despite the good pay he'll only commit the Regress and Cloudskimmer to these missions. He wants the other ships to keep the regular transport business going.