Haxed by Zaxor

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  • Real World Date: 11/29/2008
  • In-Game Date: 29 Enola, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 1 Chapter 4:

Haxed by Zaxor

Triumph in the Trenches! The Jedi and their allies from the Aeon Harrier have won the Nightside Rally Swoop Bike Race, defeating racers belonging to the Scarbrothers, Bile-Rippers and a half other gangs. The win secured them a small fortune, but more importantly it also won the respect of the Scarbrother leader, Boris Ledfoot. The swoop bike racer agreed to betray the pirate band operating on Zebulon, and share much needed information about possible location of the pirate base.

The heroes have returned to Jolus to consult with their field instructor, Jedi Knight Lornn Varri about their next course of action…

Chapter Summary

Confrontation at the Dursorian Gremlin

Traq — a Scarbrother lieutenant upset by his gang’s loss to Trenn “Highlife” Zentine and his friends — confronts the pilot in the Dusorian Gremlin in Jolus, throwing the man through a holowindow. In the street outside, he demands his winnings. A massive melee joins the fight, in which Zulen Tek runs behind bar counter, meets the Gungan Baden Rana.

A massive melee breaks out, which the Jedi padawans — who had been conversing with Jedi Knight and padawan field instructor Lornn Varri in his office across the town square — quickly joined. Together, they and the ship crew made short of their opponents.

Impressed by his actions in the fight, including setting up a diverting blaster shot for the wookie Shim’kworr, Zulen suggests to Highlife that the Gungan may be the solider they’ve been looking for.

Conversation with the Jedi

Just before the melee broke out, Jedi Knight Lornn Varri met with his padawan charges, explaining that he was going to organize two trips to Zebulon Prime to track down leads relating to the hidden pirate bases. He tasks the padawans with learning more about the “Emerald Cliffs” and their possible location on the planet, then leaves to speak with the planetary governor about securing militia troops for the expedition.

Soon after he leaves, Padawan Quest Fios receives a comm call from a panicked Zulen Tek explaining that a fight just broke out in the bar, and that they could use some help. The Jedi respond, and after the fight, they go about the task assigned to them by the Jedi Knight.

Public Records

Heading to the public network the party tries to search for the so-called "Emerald Cliffs". The Wookie Shimm attempts try to get into the system. He succeeds in finding that database records were deleted, and notes the first one was deleted a year ago, but then he activates a virus which announces to the room that the data has been “Haxed by Zaxor” Worse, in attempting to shut it down he accidentally activates battle droids also haxed.

The wookie goes out, sees the droids, which activate and try to kill him claiming he violated the will of Zaxor. He scrambles a way, activating his jetpack to fly back into the control room, flying through a transparent plasteel window. Meanwhile the Jedi move to deal with the droids.

It’s a hardfought battle, but the padawans and their allies win the day. JPD-14 was pummeled badly in the fight, but Zulen’s able to repair him and bring up his shields after two hours of work. Further research on the galatic data net reveals that Zaxor is a notorious hacker apparently based on the planet of Taris.

After all their research, the heroes are able to discover that the cliffs may be located either near the Cardiff Mountains range or on the outskirts of the Zend Forest, both located in the in the southern reaches of Zebulon Prime.

After conferring with Lornn Varri, the Jedi Knight assigns the padawans to investigate the Camp Great Tree settlement in the Zend Forest, hiring the Aeon Harrier and her crew to assist them, while he leads a militia team to the Cardiff Mountains aboard the Ruby Raptor.

Experience & Rewards