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  • Game Date: -
  • Real World Date: 4/09/10

The Crawl

Episode 8, Chapter 3:


Jedi Knight Quest Fios and the crew of Binary Transports, Inc. have pursued the bounty hunter Hanordrae Hnryabal and his ship, The Despoiler, to Nal Shaddaa, trying to save galactic historian, Fresc Dican, and his trove of Jedi lore.

After trying to make contact with the bounty hunters employer, Grima the Hutt, the heroes were attacked by mercenaries who seriously injured Highlife with a deadly thermal detonator. Quest Fios is quickly leading the band and their single prisoner back to the Infinite Regress but the heroes seem to be attracting a great deal of attention as they struggle to make it back to their clandestine landing pad...

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards