Edan Photona

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Jedi Master Edan Photona is a long-time fixture at the Unified Force Academy. Master Photana provides a challenging contrast and perspective to the core teachings at the UFA. Unlike many of the senior masters at the Zebulon Academy, Photana eschews the Unified Force philosophy, instead cautioning students to be mindful of the Living Force. According to Master Photana, jedi should live in the moment, trust in their instincts, and open their minds to living things and their contributions to (and interactions with) the greater Force.

Focusing on the Unified Force, Photana suggests, is a slippery slope, and can lead to a misguided view that the universe follows a preordained, benevolent script. Might not Unified Force followers then, inadvertently and over time, cause harm through inaction, complacency, or confidence that regardless of more minor events, the Force and destiny will provide a positive outcome?

Furthermore, Photana argues, the dark side is not a corruption of the Force flowing through an imperfect being – it is conversely a facet and character of the Living Force, and one which must be diligently guarded against, both internally within oneself, and externally in the world around us all.