Early Birds

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Early Birds Company Badge

The 32 Belasco Division E-company better known as the “Early Birds” were a advance assault unit for the Republic Army around 4000 BYY. Best known for being the first to touch down in many of the major engagements of the Great Sith War.

The Early Birds arrived four days prior to the onset of the Battle of Toprawa. Why they arrived so early, what their mission was, or even who gave them their orders has all been lost with time. The only thing that is known, is that the entire company disappeared without a trace. The unit was decommissioned after the battle, never to be replaced.

The mystery of the company’s disappearance has been investigated extensively. However even the lead authority on this mystery, Jedi Master Kineska Almara, has been thus far unable to uncover any significant lead into their disappearance.