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The Great Library of Ossus served as a repository of Jedi Lore for over a thousand years, until Ossus was destroyed during the Great Sith War. Much of the knowledge from the Library was lost, however some of the most important (and dangerous) secrets were successfully evacuated before the Cron Cluster Supernova seared the planet’s surface.

Now, in an attempt to prevent such a terrible loss of knowledge, Jedi lore and Teachings of the Force are being duplicated and stored in separate repositories, including the famed Jedi Archives on Coruscant.

A well known historian, Fresc Dican, has recently come into possession of a cache of important Force Treatises and valuable equipment from Ossus. Dican was en route to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant aboard the civilian passenger transport, The Nimble Comet, when they came under attack by mysterious assailants. The Comet was badly damaged but able to flee the engagement and put into the nearby Roche system for emergency repairs. Taking refuge among the Verpine, Dican has contacted the Unified Force Academy for emergency assistance in completing his mission …..