DeadStar Salvage and Sales

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DeadStar Salvage and Sales is a privately-held businesses located on Taris owned by a Rodian businessman named Geelo. It maintains offices in the Middle City, which are adjacent to a starship junkyard, used starship sales lot, and starship parts shop. The company conducts deep space salvage operations and then sells said salvage back on Taris. Their speciality is wreckage left over from The Great Sith War, as well as other lesser engagements, often with contracts from the government. They also conduct a good deal of commerical salvage.

The company's flagship vessel is the DeadStar, a Gozanti-class cruiser converted for deep space salvage operations.

Rumored Criminal Activites

It is widely rumored (yet never proven, at least in court) that the corporation has a robust sideline in shipjacking. Several charges of piracy, unlawful salvage, endangerment, terroristic threats and related crimes have been brought against Geelo and/or DeadStar Salvage and Sales. One way or another, all of them have been dropped. Geelo's brought numerous lawsuits of his own against individuals on Taris as well as off world (actually, offworld lawsuits number in-world ones by a 2-1 margin). A number are still outstanding, but a good percentage of these indicate they were settled out of court or had a court-negotiated settlement when individuals arrived on planet.