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The DeadStar is a Gozanti-class cruiser-turned-deep-space salvage vessel.

The DeadStar is the flagship of Geelo, a Rodian businessman specializing in deep space salvage. Geelo has several businesses on Taris, including a junkyard, parts seller and dealer in “used” starships. The umbrella organization for these endeavors (and the one that technically owns the DeadStar) is DeadStar Salvage and Sales.

It’s widely speculated that Geelo is little more than a pirate and shipjacker, attacking and disabling ships out on the Rim, stripping them of their cargo and any identifying marks, and then selling them on Taris’ grey market.

The Deadstar herself is the equivalent of a Gozanti-class cruiser (Starships of the Galaxy, p. 90). It carries a full complement of 24 crewmen, of which about half are tasked with running the ship, while the others are charged with “salvage operations”.

Although slow and ponderous the Deadstar is a surprisingly effective salavage platform, combining the "defensive" firepower of her ion cannons with on-board workshops and docking facilities. The ship is escorted by a wing of wing of modified "ugly" Sith starfighters salvaged from the Great Sith War, equipped with hyperdrives, and armed with an assortment of offensive and defensive weaponry.