Confrontation on Ord Mantell

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  • Game Date: One Week Later
  • Real World Date: 9/11/09

The Crawl

Episode 6, Chapter 2:

Confrontations on Ord Mantell The padawans of the Unified Force Academy and their Binary Transport allies have decided to end the threat of Ral Duris and his pirate band once and for all. Maddox and JPD-14 hunted Braln, one of Duris' Sith henchmen to the Smuggler's Moon, where he'd planned to rendezvous with a failed padawan Dobsin. The pirates were searching for ancient Force artifacts that can affect space time and Dobsin had information that fit the bill: the location of the secluded Jedi Monastery known as the Rock Garden of Qualis. They slew the pirate ... but not before he killed the informant.

Meanwhile, our heroes have learned that additional leads to the pirates might be found on the former military depot of Ord Mantell. There they hope to find the location of Ral Duris' fleet and secure additional weapons to fight it.

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards

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