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Home of the Deep Dream Mining Company, the Calek system’s primary is a blue giant; the swollen star devoured most of the inner planets of its star system, but its gas giants and white dwarf companion Calek II survived. It's sole notable destination is Goliath Station, a space station operated by Deep Dream.


  • Knowledge: Galactic Lore: DC 29
  • Use Computer (Astrogation): DC 26


=Goliath Station

Goliath Station – Deep Dream’s refinery, repair facility, and crew barracks – orbits the dwarf. The Goliath consists of several huge, spherical containers which hold the gas and metals gleaned from the Shrouds. It has minimal repair facilities, and these are geared toward fixing the Leviathans. 

Like the Leviathans, the station is not heavily armed. It has two turbolaser batteries and strong shields (SR 50) to repel invaders. Though mostly stationary, the Goliath is equipped with a hyperdrive, and can jump to a safer location if necessary. It’s an exceedingly slow drive however, and only used under extreme duress. The Deep Dream Mining Co. and the Deadstar fleet largely ignore one another; the pirates have made the occasional run at Deep Dream ships, but the mining ships were flee to hyperspace before their shields could be brought down and the vessels disabled.

  • Parts availability at Goliath Station is Average. Parts are available for all Licensed vehicles. Note: 1) More expensive items can be ordered, but they arrive in a number of week equal to the item cost divided by the cost limit (rounded down). 2) For all systems except weapons systems, the cost limit refers to the base cost.
  • Refueling facilities are Average. Roll 1d20 each day; on a roll of 1-2 fuel is unavailable
  • Restocking facilities are Average. Roll 1d20 each day; on a roll of 1-2, consumables are unavailable.
  • Mechanics personnel at this starport are Average quality. A mechanic (nonheroic 3) is available for routine maintenance

[i]Note:[/i] Station statistics randomly generated using the starport tables from [i]Scum and Villainy[/i].