Brightside Corporation

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The Brightside Corporation is an experimental venture by a half-mad genius obsessed with exploiting the wealth of the sunward side of the planet. Jonas Calver built the sunwalkers by hand, making use of exotic metals and the very latest in shield technology. Combined, they allow the machinery to spend nearly a week out in the extreme sunward heat. It’s enough to venture fairly deep into the desert, but so far Calver hasn’t found the mineral wealth he’d hoped to. To make ends meet, he’s taken to renting out his craft, usually to rich nobles, but occasionally to researchers almost as crazy as himself.

Calver inadvertently helped members of the Sith Ascendency, a Dark Side knowledge cult, access the Spires of Xax, an ancient Zebian complex located in the deep Ryloth desert. The facility was dedicated to manipulating space/time using the Force, but was destroyed in an epic battle between the Sith and the Jedi of the Unified Force Academy.