Binary Transports, Inc.

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Binary Transports offers all manner of transporting needs from cargo to personal transporting. Operating mainly in the Outer Rim, they do also offer trips to the Core Worlds, though at a higher cost.

About the Company


Binary Transports is a fledgling business operating from Zebulon Beta. It has long been the dream of CEO Trenn "Highlife" Zentine, to own his own ship, and along with his like-minded shipmates on the Aeon Harrier able to forfill that dream. Now they look toward expanding the business, securing contracts, outfitting the fleet, all while making deliveries. Of course their biggest client, the Unified Force Academy, keeps them rather busy.


Corporate Officers

Other Noteable Employees

  • Hoolau: An Ithorian with a penchant for explosives who serves as a sub-contractor for the Binary Transports security team.
  • Tango: Highlife's first assistant, who served mainly as a co-pilot. He was promoted after proving himself in the battle against Ral Duris.
  • Whiskey: Hired as an extra hand in the battle against Ral Duris, kept on after proving himself to be a crack shot with starship weapons.
  • Charlie: After getting himself into trouble one too many times, Baden forced Highlife to take a bodyguard with him where ever he went. Charlie was that bodyguard until he was promoted to head security on the Cloudskimmer.

Corporate Holdings


  • Infinite Regress: A Ghtrok 720 freighter which serves as the company flagship.
  • Aeon Harrier: A 578-R Space Transport currently in drydock, and serving as a temporary Corporate office.
  • The Cloudskimmer: A YU-410 light freighter, named in honor of the late Korinth Cloudskimmer.
  • First Cause: One of a pair of Wayfarer-class medium transports purchased at a steal.
  • Unmoved Mover: The other of a pair of Wayfarer-class medium transports purchased at a steal.
  • Balanced Recursion: The first Cruiser purchased by BT, funded in part by the Jedi order in return for it's almost exclusive assistance.