Battle for the Beast

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  • Game Date: One week later
  • Real World Date: 7/24/09

The Crawl

Episode 5, Chapter 5:

Battle for the Beast

The Burning Devils defeated! The murderous band of Twi’lek stolen has been publicly humiliated as a rival gang broken to their quarters in Kala'uun and stolen a number of highly prized dancing girl slaves.

In truth, these women were liberated by the Jedi padawans of the Unified Force Academy with the aid of their allies at Binary Transports, Inc. in order to win the favor of the patriarch of Shal’Ren Junkard. The junkard holds a critical piece of equipment that the Jedi need to reach the Spires of Xax, an ancient Zebian research complex now believed to be held by a Sith cult. Nal’dro Shal’Ren refused to sell the parts until the Burning Devils, who had been harassing his nephews, had been dealt with.

With the Devils forced to retreat from the city in shame, and heroes are able to buy the part. They promptly sell it to Jonas Calver’s Brightside Corp., who need it to repair their sunwalker, the only vehicle capable of surviving the long trek to the very heart of the Rylothian sunward desert … and the location of the Spires of Xax.

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards