Balanced Recursion Primer

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The Balanced Recursion is the first heavy freighter purchased by Binary Transports, Inc. during the latter days of the Mandalorian Wars. Part of the corporation's "Mercy Fleet", a fleet of ships running humanitarian missions during the wars.The Recursion's specific mission is to support the Jedi in rescuing stranded members of the order. To complete this mission, the Chief Security Officer Baden Rana has assembled two squads; one is a squad of ex-military while the other is a bunch of adventurers.

Ship Specs

The largest ship in the Binary Transports fleet. This ship was designed to haul cargo. BT has retrofitted it to include two hanger bays.

Balanced Recursion Crew

  • Captain Ohwan Kresim - Duros pilot who briefly filled in on the Infinite Regress when CEO Highlife started working for the Republic. When the corporation decided to send out a ship to help recover cut-off jedi, Ohwan was chosen as Captain. His unique background with the Jedi might be an asset... but only the force knows for sure.
  • Chief Mechanic Neep Tnunb - a good humored Sullustan looking to get away from the ship-yards of his home planet.
  • Security Chief Braycolt Rallbar - a gruff older human who walks with a limp on his cybernetic replacement leg (left foot to knee).
  • ZT-05 - An astromech built by Zulen Tek which accidentally has linked minds with ZT-06.
  • ZT-06 - An astromech built by Zulen Tek which accidentally has linked minds with ZT-05.
  • Rooster Imada - Human cargo wrangler, cook, pacifist.
  • Che'Warat Luroon - Twi'lek Scoundrel, Mechanic and Bodyguard
  • Neeshar Roolek (Roo) - Rodian Noble, Pilot and guide

Gold Squad (NPC's)

Jedi Liasons

  • Jedi Master Vil Korz - Mirialan; sent by the order to help facilitate jedi recovery.
  • Padawan Jayarbin - Human Jedi, with Vil for most of his life.




  • Talhammer Industries - While officially a legitimate weapons dealer, company agents have been spotted recovering arms and information in some battlefields. Some have even labeled them pirates... though the home office denies this claim.
  • Black Slavers - named after their black attire. Little is known about this mysterious group.