At the Spires of Xax

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  • Game Date: One week later
  • Real World Date: 8/6/09

The Crawl

Episode 5, Chapter 6:

At the Spires of Xax

The Infernal Beast lives on! The Brightside Corp. sunwalker was en route to the ancient Zebian ruins known as the Spires of Xax when a contingent of Sith battledroids suddenly materialized in the walker’s engineering hold.

The droids sought to destroy the Infernal Beast’s shield generators, walking mechanisms, and cooling lasers to allow the searing heat of the deep Rylothian desert to destroy the sunwalker. The Infernal Beast’s passengers – the Jedi Knight Lornn Varri, his padawans from the Unified Force Academy, and the heroes of the starship Infinite Regress – destroyed the invaders. While the attackers were repelled, the Jedi are fearful that the Sith have discovered something far more dangerous than mere droids: the ability to warp space/time with the Force.

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards