Against the Quarren

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  • Real World Date: 3/6/2009
  • In-Game Date: 21 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 3, Chapter 3:

Against the Quarren

Betrayal on the Frontier! Jedi Master Qillion Kree has led a contingent of padawans to the recently rediscovered ocean world of Maltern’s Folly to settle a trade dispute. While most on the planet welcomed the return of galactic civilization, and the prosperity that came with it, a number chose to cling to their old ways.

The Obsidian Way, a warrior cult led by Tolvis Maltern, the grandson of the colony’s founder, demanded that all offworlders leave, returning the planet to its previous isolation. They attacked several offworld Quarren deepsea miners, and causing the Quarrens to go on strike until the danger was negated.

Yet all is not as it seemed. When the padawns travelled to the village of Cliffside to negotiate with Tolvis, they found themselves escorted to his throne room … and then attacked! Meanwhile, Master Kree received a similar welcome from the Quarren in the offshore mines. While the padawans and the Jedi Master were able to subdue their respective threats, many questions remain.

Worse, the Quarren sabotaged the submarine transports leading back to the friendly settlement of Hardrock, cutting of Kree from his students, and leaving them to puzzle out the mysteries of Maltern’s Folly on their own…

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards