Against the Burning Devils

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  • Real World Date: 7/10/2009
  • In-Game Date: 6 Selona, 3971

The Crawl

Episode 5, Chapter 4:

The Burning Devils

Sith in Kala'uun! Jedi Knight Lornn Varri and his padawans from the Unified Force Academy have discovered Sith agents operating the Twi’lik city of Kala’uun on Ryloth. They are apparently followers of the Dark Lady Aldera, the Sith mistress who once collaborated with a pirate band operating Zebulon Prime in the Jedi’s home system of Vargis Tau.

The Dark Lady, the previous owner of the ancient alien relic known as the Holocron of Zend, arrived weeks earlier with a Sith research team to investigate the self-same ruins that the Holocron had revealed to the Jedi. Known as the Infinite Spires of Xax and located at the very center of the burning desert that is Ryloth’s sunward side, these ruins were home to some sort of ancient Zebian science station.

The ruins are subject to extremely high temperatures, and approaching them in conventional vehicles is impossible. All but the most powerful starships with the very best shield technology would be hardpressed to survive on the sunward side for extended period time. Indeed, the only vehicles capable of reaching the ruins belong to Jonas Calver’s Brightside Corporation, which has created ceramic shielded, laser-cooled “sunwalkers” specially designed to survive on the sunward side.

Unfortunately, the company’s three sunwalkers are disabled, and the only parts available for fixing them belong to the Shal’Ren Junkard, and they’re not interested in dealing with Brightside, unless the Jedi can convince them otherwise.

After defeating an ambush by Sith agents not far from Kala'uun’s ventilation system, the Jedi have learned that the sunwalkers problems were not accidents; there’s a Sith infiltrator working for Brightside Corp who damaged the great vehicles in order to prevent anyone else form reaching the Infinite Spires.

Complicating the Jedi’s investigation of the Sith is the appearance of a young Twi’lek child who is exceedingly strong in the Force, and subconsciously used this ability to seek out the Jedi. His quest? Get them to rescue his sister, a Twi’lek dancer kidnapped by members of the Burning Devils gang.

Meanwhile, the crew of the Infinite Regress have secured a much needed navicomputer, the parts to build their own astromech droid, and weapons with which to defend their ship. Unfortunately, now they need to install them, a task that has led engineers Zulen Tek and Shim'kworr to tear apart a good portion of the ship’s insides…

Chapter Summary

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