A Tale of Outlaws

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  • Real World Date: 11/27/2015
  • In-Game Date: TBD

The Crawl

Episode 12, Chapter 1

The latest addition to transport company Binary Transports, Inc. "The Balanced Recursion" has been in service for a few months now. The crew has started to work together well on their humanitarian missions; mainly given by the Jedi.

A few days ago they received notice that a small temple on the outskirts needs to be evacuated. Seems the Mandalorians are on their way; and with the temple's Master Jedi away to assist in the war efforts... those left behind could use some help.

Chapter Summary

The party exits the Balanced Recursion's jump-ship onto the world Ca'ta'am. It's a fringe world used mostly as a trading port. The world was found to be a little to arid for farming, but still comfortable enough to live on.

As soon as the party starts to get their bearings, they see their jumpship blasting into orbit. Suddenly they get a call: "Green squad, Gold squad is under attack. We're heading out to support them. Continue on your mission. We'll be back ASAP. Be careful, the Mandolorians are on their way."

Experience & Rewards

  • 2000 credits for all Binary Transports Inc. employees on the Balanced Recursion. Our jedi friend gets 2000 credits allowance to stock up for future adventures.
  • XP: All PCs advance to level 2.



  • N/A.