A New Clue

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  • Real World Date: 1/23/09
  • In-Game Date: 11-12 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 2, Chapter 1:

A New Clue

The adventures continue! Its been over three weeks since our heroes defeated the Pirates of Zebulon, proving themselves more capable than some had thought. However, the trail has gone cold returning them to their normal lives; the padawan resuming their training and the crew of the Aeon Harrier transporting cargo. The padawan’s latest assignment takes them off-world, once more reuniting them with the Aeon Harrier’s crew.

However, in the midst of the flight, the padawan are contacted by their trainer, Jedi Knight Lornn Varri

Chapter Summary

Negotiating Surrender

Varri informs padawan Quest Fios and Rann Nassin that a situation has arisen on the planet Toprawa. Seems a group of thieves have been cornered inside a penthouse apartment, and the local authorities have requested the negotiation skills of the jedi. Varri informs them that they are are the closest to the planet, and he believes this will be a good test of their skills.

Arriving on Toprawa, the padawan and their companions JPD-14, Shim’kworr, and Zulen Tek are greeted by a local security officer who quickly transports them to the scene. They arrive on the top floor of a skyscraper where the officers have created a base of operations. There they are greeted by Lieutenant Ryrek Orross. He informs them that the thieves are contained inside the adjacent three level penthouse apartment. However the officers have been ordered by the planetary governor to hold. Seems the apartment is owned by wealthy real estate developer Corcen Ardayen, and he has used his political power to halt the officers in favor of the jedi. The party wonders just how powerful one has to be to pull off such a maneuver. A quick halo-net search brings numerous references to his holdings across the sector, as well as some insight into his hobby; archeology. Ardayen has funded hundreds of digs across the galaxy, and is said to have a very large private collection of artifacts. Just then, Ardayen shows up.

Ardayen pushes right past everyone else to greet the jedi. He informs them that this apartment houses his personal collection of artifacts. Seems he is worried about the officers destroying part of his collection, and has called in the jedi hoping for a more peaceful solution that will preserve his artifacts.

The party quickly gets to work to assess the situation. Shim and Zulen aid JPD-14 in wrestling control of the apartment security systems from the thieves while Rann and Quest use the force to determine the emotions of the thieves. The jedi are able to discover that the thieves have a aura of fear, anxiety, and guilt. The jedi attempt to add a feeling of surrender to the mix. Watching the jedi, Zulen gets distracted and starts asking the jedi what they are doing. He attempts to make his own connection, but still has much to learn. JPD then breaks through the security, bringing up the security camera feeds. They discover there are two thieves on the roof and five in the living area, but is unable to establish a connection with the third floor. JPD then begins playing with the environmental controls in the building. After a few more force suggestions the seven thieves surrender.

As the party accompany the officers to take the thieves into custody, JPD brings up the third floor cameras. He informs the party that there are still 3 thieves and a droid trying to cut into a very large vault. Quickly, the party questions the captives who’s at the vault. They inform them that it is the leader, Gort who is unlikely to surrender.

Forcing Surrender

The party heads down to the collection level. The jedi call for a surrender, but receive blaster fire in response. The party then acts quickly. Rann and Quest pounce on two thieves, causing them to rethink their actions and quickly surrender. Meanwhile JPD and Zulen engage Gort, while Shim makes short work of the droid. However it’s Rann who, after summoning the force, brings the firefight to a quick ending.

Rann takes the thieves into custody, while Quest destroys their weapons prompting Zulen to scold him. “How do you think we pay for fuel!” Upon hearing this, Shim quickly goes through Gort’s gear taking his Blaster rifle, comlink, and explosive charge with timer. He finds a mercenary company insignia, and notes that he’s wearing modified republic armor. Zulen takes a look finding a company marking on the armor. He records this symbol, then gets to work filming the artifacts on display. JPD meanwhile hacks into the droid, downloading it’s memory core.

Eventually the party turns the thieves over to the authorities, and allow Corcen Ardayen to enter. He is ecstatic that his collection has gone unharmed. So much so he insists the party stay at his hotel for the night. That night, while Zulen fixes JPD, Shim searches the halo-net for references of the Republic symbol and the mercenary company insignia. They both however seem to be dead ends. The mercenary company is small and doesn’t take on much more than security jobs, while the Republic symbol is from the Early Birds who were decommissioned during the Great Sith War.

A Mystery Rises!

The next morning the party boards the Aeon Harrier to resume their trip to the previously interrupted mission. Captain Orax Davkin complains about the side-trip, while the jedi call their trainer Lornn Varri to update him on their success. However, when they inform him about the Early Bird insignia, he lets them know he’ll call back. A few moments later he commands the padawan to return to Toprawa. He then informs them that the Early Birds mysteriously disappeared during the Battle of Toprawa. However, this armor is the first clue uncovered since that time. He therefore wishes them to continue the investigation while he contacts the lead investigator, Jedi Master Kineska Almara.

The first order of business is to figure out what exactly the thieves were after. However, Corcen Ardayen cannot meet with them until mid-day. Instead they decide to question the thieves about where the armor came from. While the jedi question them with little success, JPD and Zulen work on deciphering the droid memories. The memories uncover Gort purchasing both the illegally modified droid and the armor from Una’s, owned by a Zabrak named Clerhur Una.

Later they meet at Ardayen’s apartment. They ask him if they could look at the vault, since the thieves were so focused on getting in there. He gladly shows them into the vault, where the jedi attempt to detect any items strong in the force. Unfortunately their intuition doesn’t pan out, as there are no items particularly strong in the force. Just as they are about to give up, Zulen notices a holo-recorder under one of the display cases. Corcen states he doesn’t recognize the device. Activating it reveals a solder on screen stating “We’ve recovered an important artifact and are attempting to move it off world.” the transmission then ceases. The party then plays a second message revealing Gort “Ha! They talk about artifact, well if a whole unit died for this thing it’s GOTTA be worth a ton of creds. And I bet I know just who’s got the artifact and doesn’t even know it! Guess I won’t be needing the company after all.” The party realizes Gort must have thought Ardayen had the artifact, but it seems he does not.

They thank Ardayen and leave to plan out their next steps. Suddenly they are contacted by Master Kineska Almara. After trading some information, she lets them know she is on the way but to keep up the investigation until she arrives. Also, she warns them to be careful as there is no telling just who might be after this artifact…

Experience & Rewards

The PC’s each gain 275 experience points. They recovered a blaster rifle, a mercenary company insignia, an explosive charge with timer, and a holo-recorder with Early Bird recording.