A Friendly Request

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  • In-Game Date: -
  • Real World Date: 11/20/2009

The Crawl

Episode 7, Chapter 1:

A Friendly Request

After the defeat of the Ral Duris and his Pirates, the Heroes have returned home triumphantly, though not without some sacrifice. Because of their success the Unified Force Academy has allowed them to take the Jedi Trials. Upon passing, they were elevated to the rank of knight. Meanwhile Binary Transports, Inc. creates a memorial to those lost.

Two weeks later the Jedi receive their first mission from a one time ally...

Chapter Summary

The Request

The newly knighted Jedi are called from what they are doing to the communication center of the Unified Force Academy. There a holo-communication is played for them. I shows a young human male, wearing Jedi robes.

///begin transmission/// This message is for the Jedi Rade Gasa, Rann Nassin, or Quest Fios. I know at one time they were students of this academy, though I am unsure where they may be now. May the Force guide this message to them. I do not know if you remember me, but my name is Naru, padawan learner to Master Kineksa Almara. I arrived on the planet of Paquallis III a week ago to meet up with my master after completing a task of my own. However after days of searching I have been unable to find any trace of her; save her starship which which has been vandalized. I do not know the nature of her mission here, and thus I am unsure of who I can trust on world. Please, if you can provide any assistance I would be most grateful. I sense that my master is in great danger... ///end transmission////

Rann searches feelings about Naru

Quest asks Master Quil about Master Almara

Rann searches feelings again to get a better understanding of what

Zulen talks to Highlife about Paquallis III

Seeking a Padawan

Arrive on planet

Seek out padawan

Search the ship

Skyway Chase

Padawan leaps into skyway

Rann and JPD chase

Quest and Zulen try to get ship moving

All catch up to padawan

padawan excapes with JPD following

In the Warehouse

Ambushed by mercs using illegal implants

Capture padawan and disable implant

Padawan explains his actions

Experience & Rewards