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Gender/Species: Droid
Homeworld: Unknown
Class/Level: Scoundrel 1
Role: Scoundrel
Player: Lars Porsenna

AJ-88 (also known as "Ayjay" amongst his friends) was once a security droid Binary picked up for cheap. I mean, at a heavy discount. Little did the company know that in the decades since he came on-line, AJ's memory has never been wiped, and he picked up a slight "flutter" along the way. Recognizing that the droid was self-aware, and the price was so cheap, Binary decided to bring him on as an employee rather than as company property. Recognizing his diverse skills, Binary thought they had a real deal in this droid ... until they found the reason for his bargain-basement price: he has a lousy, very literal personality...

Stat Block

Skills: Deception, Gather Information, Mechanics, Pilot & Use Computer.